Introducing Qatalyst

Connecting clients with consulting talent, teams and technology tailored to their needs

A Qatalyst for Change

Qatalyst understands consulting. We also understand that the consulting industry needs to change. The traditional model isn’t working anymore. In this era of the gig economy, most consultants want to work independently or in small firms. At the same time, clients increasingly need multi-disciplinary teams of specialists capable of bringing a range of skills to bear on a project.

We saw the need for a mechanism that can quickly and cost-effectively connect our clients with the specialized expertise they need, and then support those consulting teams with leading-edge tools, technologies, project management and research capabilities.

Qatalyst is that mechanism. We have created an extensive network of over 150 associates located across Canada and internationally. Our mission is to deliver leading-edge consulting services in a rapidly changing world. Better teams, better systems and better technology will drive better results for our clients.

Changing the Industry for Everyone

Qatalyst is creating fundamental change in how the consulting industry works. It’s time for a new model, one that works better for both clients and consultants.

Our Clients

We are able to provide clients a wider range of innovative high-quality services, tailored to their specific needs, delivered quickly and cost-effectively, by a strong, diverse team of consultants and researchers.

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Our Associates

Supporting our network of associates in further developing their practices. Qatalyst enables our associates to participate in a wider range of projects, leverage the abilities of other associates and our in-house staff, and access assistance in marketing their services and delivering results.

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Why Qatalyst is Better

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Strong & Diverse Project Teams

Clients want consulting teams with specialized skills, not just generalists. Qatalyst creates teams featuring the technical and subject matter skills that clients need, drawing from our associates and Qatalyst’s own in-house experts.

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Leading-Edge Technology

Technology changes rapidly. Through Qatalyst, clients and associates gain access to advanced text, social media, big data and predictive analytics software as well as surveying, consultation, infographic and visualization tools.

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Effective Marketing

We work closely with our associates to identify opportunities, joint market services to potential clients, and respond to RFPs.

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Robust Project Management

Our systems and tools ensure that we deliver services that meet our stringent standards for quality assurance.

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Extensive Research Capabilities

We have upgraded our capabilities to deliver a wider range of research services more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

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