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Our Values

At Qatalyst, we uphold a set of seven core principles that act as our guiding compass.


Our business is guided by the urge to know. We build our expertise by approaching every assignment with a high level of curiosity and a desire to learn.

Collective Goals

Qatalyst is a collection of curious minds, excellent talent and diversity of expertise. We understand that our clients' success is rooted in the efforts and collaboration of our corporate family.

Story Telling

A wise man once said, "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." When used appropriately, stories are a more powerful tool than numbers or percentages.


We promise only what we can deliver. We take pride in being able to defend our actions and our recommendations under the highest scrutiny.

Systems Thinking

In management consulting, we often focus on microscopic views of issues. We are, after all, hired to dig deep and analyze data. However, we seek to find only relevant solutions: those that really matter.

Pursuit of Excellence

We strive to excel in all aspects of our business by focusing on continuous learning, innovation, the needs of our people and our clients and, creating the real impact.


We love theory but we focus on practical, problem-solving applications of research that can contribute directly to improvements and advancement of society.