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Our Model

Our unique model allows us to connect you to the specialized expertise you need, bolstered by leading-edge technology and research.

Qatalyst delivers impact measurement and management services that encompass the full spectrum of impacts, investments, investors, sectors, financial instruments, regions, standards and methodologies. That’s not easy. Varying from assignment to assignment, this can require specialized skills in areas as diverse as technology and cluster development, CO2 emissions and renewable energy, health, justice and education, DEI, social finance and impact investing as well an in-depth knowledge of particular social, economic and environmental issues, standards (e.g., IRIS+, SDGs and ESG), sectors and local regions.

The Qatalyst business model is a marriage between a consulting firm and a technology firm, which is intent on bringing disruption to the consulting industry. To respond to client needs, we developed the leading Canadian-based digital platform for management consultants, through which we can quickly and cost-effectively match clients with multi-disciplinary teams of specialists, drawing from a network of over 400 consultants across Canada and supported by our core staff of about 20. We tailor our project teams to meet the specific needs of each assignment.

To support those project teams, we have made significant investments in new technology.

  • We have an in-house software development team that is leading development of QataLink, our digital platform. QataLink enables us to share opportunities within our network, quickly assemble project teams in response to client needs, manage projects, and track and report the results. We have fully digitized our operations from the initial identification of opportunities through to obtaining feedback on our services at the end of the project. In designing and developing it, we critically reviewed more than 100 digital platforms operating in Canada and internationally.
  • We offer leading-edge capabilities in areas such as project management, surveying, social media analytics, big data and predictive analytics, and infographics and visualization. We are developing and testing a range of new technologies including a proprietary text analytics program. We continue to explore and test opportunities to employ AI for both analyzing data and summarizing the results.
  • We work with other software developers who are developing software designed for impact measurement and management applications including impact data management and ESG.

We continue to build our research capabilities, expanding our network of researchers, field staff and data scientists to support the collection and analysis of impact and other data. Our platform enables up compose and manage research teams locally, nationally and internationally. We are establishing Centres of Research Excellence to ensure that we remain on the leading-edge and are able to delivery a progressively wider range of research services more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

How Can We Help?

Tell us about your investments, programs or activities, or send us a request for proposal (RFP). We will let you know how our services can work for you and provide you with a quote.

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