Change is inevitable.

Meaningful change is hard. Qatalyst can help.

A Qatalyst for Change

Recent developments, particularly the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, have brought people together in new ways, increased our appreciation of how much society is changing, and demonstrated just how much further progress we need to make.

We are fortunate at Qatalyst. Every day, we have the opportunity to work with incredible people in government, Indigenous organizations, the non-profit sector and private sector who are dedicated to doing more to make society better through their programs and services.

Their dedication has challenged us to improve how we do business, so we can better assist them to do theirs. We’ve changed our operating model so we can more quickly and cost-effectively match clients with the diverse, multi-disciplinary teams of specialists they need. We’ve broadened our range of services to enable us to not only prepare strategies for improvement but also, when needed, assist clients to implement those strategies and track the results. We’ve made significant investments in new proprietary tools and technologies. And, most importantly, we have reaffirmed our commitment to making a difference. We did not get into in this business to provide advice or prepare reports; we exist to support our clients in their missions to make society work better for everyone.

Changing the Industry for Everyone

We see a need to change how the consulting industry works. We believe it’s time for a new model, one that works better for both clients and consultants.

Our Clients

Clients face complex and challenging issues. We saw the need for a mechanism that can better connect clients with the specialized expertise they need, and support those consulting teams with leading-edge tools, technologies, management and research capabilities. Qatalyst is that mechanism. In developing teams, we can now draw from our network of over 150 staff members and associates located across Canada and internationally. Better teams, supported by better systems and better technology, drive better results for our clients.

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Our Associates

COVID-19 accelerated two related trends. First, in this era of the gig economy, more and more consultants choose to work independently or in small firms. Second, more and more people work remotely. We have responded by creating a fully-digitized, distributed work model. The Qatalyst Platform is an online portal that better enables our associates to form teams, access opportunities, communicate and collaborate with others, and access the support they need.

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How Qatalyst is Different

a client and associate using a laptop to collaborate

Our Clients

Our clients deliver vital programs and services in areas such as health, justice, environment, housing, education, culture & heritage, economic development, science, technology & innovation, natural resources, land management and agriculture & food.

two construction workers in front of solar panels

Our Mission

We are not in business to deliver services. Our mission is to create meaningful change. We measure the effectiveness of each assignment by identifying what changes resulted from our work and evaluating the impact of those changes on the client organization and their stakeholders, clients, employees and partners.

diverse project team having a meeting

Our Teams

It’s an increasingly specialized world. Clients need consulting teams with specialized skills, not just generalists. Qatalyst constructs project teams featuring the technical and subject matter skills that clients need, drawing from our extensive network of associates and in-house experts.

google analytics on a laptop

Our Technology

Technology changes rapidly. Through Qatalyst, clients and associates gain access to advanced text, social media, big data and predictive analytics software as well as surveying, consultation, infographic, visualization and marketing tools. We focus on delivering leading-edge consulting services in a rapidly changing world.

project management software on an apple desktop

Our Services

Plans and strategies have no impact until they are acted upon. We’ve greatly expanded our ability to assist clients along the service continuum, from researching issues and developing plans and strategies to implementing those strategies, managing change, and evaluating the results.

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Our Quality

Our strong project management systems and tools ensure that we deliver services that meet our stringent standards for quality assurance.

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