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Shakara Russell


Inclusive Innovation Advocate

Shakara Russell is a Consultant at Qatalyst Research Group, bringing with her over 10 years of specialized experience in applied research. She has a strong academic foundation deeply rooted in the experiences of Black and African Nova Scotian communities. Her proficiency spans both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, and she is adept at transforming intricate datasets into strategic insights.

Shakara's responsibilities extend to strategic planning, data acquisition, and analysis, while also playing a pivotal role in fostering valuable client relationships. Her dedication not only ensures the consistent high-quality output of Qatalyst's projects but also fortifies its reputation for excellence in the field. Known for her unique blend of scholarly depth and practical acumen, she has a commendable ability to bridge theoretical findings with real-world applications. Furthermore, her commitment to community-building and partnership development has established her as an invaluable member of the Qatalyst team. In the landscape of inclusive entrepreneurship, Shakara stands as a testament to innovation, research prowess, and strategic evaluation