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Data & Excel Specialist

The Research Department at Qatalyst is currently looking for a Data & Excel Specialist who can analyze closed-ended and open-ended survey data for various projects using Excel.

In particular, the candidate is required to produce tabulations, data tables with counts and percentages, crosstabs, charts and figures for closed-ended survey data (examples of closed-ended survey questions include: multiple choice, select all that apply, rating scale, and matrix). Summarizing and coding/grouping open-ended responses into key themes is required for open-ended analysis, which would result in a table with key themes and counts, or as a paragraph summarizing the comments from respondents.

This is a short term position that starts ASAP.

Required Skills

  • Data Analysis
  • Excel (e.g., COUNTIF, COUNTA, SUM, AVERAGE functions, Pivot Tables)
  • Survey coding for open-ended responses

Hourly Rate

$15 - $30 per hour

Apply Now

If you are interested in applying, please send a resume and cover letter with a brief overview of your related experience, to hr@qatalyst.ca with the subject line "Data & Excel Specialist Application".