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Arctic Inspiration Prize Impact Visualization


Arctic Inspiration Prize


Impact Measurement and Management

The Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP) is the largest annual prize in Canada. It supports innovative initiatives across the North in education, sustainable housing, health, performing arts, traditional knowledge, language, and science are all done by the North and for the North through the AIP Charitable Trust. The AIP, along with those who support and uplift both AIP and Laureate projects, share a common vision of building a stronger country through the experience and values of the peoples of the North. The AIP impact visualization project was initiated to help tell the story of the impact achieved by AIP Laureates and their projects utilizing Indigenous ways of knowing and knowledge sharing.

The approach to this project, including governance and team structure, is based on the following principles:

For the North by the North
Implementation of culturally appropriate practices
Sharing of information and lessons learned
Focus on telling impactful stories
Capacity building for the Laureates and the northern teams
Support by the southern team

To date impact visualizations were completed for 6 AIP funded projects including SmartICE, Dehcho River Journeys, Northern Compass, Qajaq, the Yukon Youth Healthcare Summit, Youth Ethical Knowledge Sharing and Co-Creation have all received visual reports. Qatalyst will continue to work with AIP, the northern team, and Laureates to tell the stories of the projects funded since 2016.

AIP Overall Impact Visualization Report Dehcho River Journeys Northern Compass SmartICE Youth Ethical Knowledge Sharing The Qajaq Program Yukon Youth Healthcare Summit

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