Labour Market Studies


What We Do

We have conducted many labour market information and development studies, which involve the development of labour market profiles, projections and strategies, reviews of education, training, apprenticeship, economic immigration, foreign worker, and foreign credential recognition programs, reviews of labour mobility, and the assessment of labour markets for a wide variety of different of the economy.

As part of these studies, we commonly:

Our Clients

We have conducted labour market studies focused on forest workers, silviculture workers, the mmanufacturing sector on behalf of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, the social venture sector on behalf of the University of British Columbia, the BC non-profit sector on behalf of the Vancouver Foundation, the animation industry, film and television sectors, construction workers on behalf of the BC Construction Industry Training Organization, IT workers on behalf of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, veterinarians on behalf of the CVMA, and aerospace workers on behalf of AIAC. We have also prepared labour market strategies for particular regions and sectors, an analysis of labour mobility across a range of sectors, and reviews of foreign credential recognition programs and initiatives. We have also conducted reviews of many immigration programs including the Provincial Nominee Program, the Temporary Foreign Worker program and the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

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