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Respecting Community Values to Produce Better Results

We at Qatalyst are proud of our relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations. We have a strong record of working collaboratively with Indigenous communities across Canada, providing research services in wide-ranging areas like health, economic development, justice, and social programs. Our work has supported the development of programs, policies, and initiatives designed to produce better outcomes for Canada’s Indigenous communities and address social inequities.

We understand that research involving Indigenous communities has historically proceeded from a colonial basis, reinforcing the exploitation and oppression of Indigenous peoples. We are committed to doing things differently at Qatalyst. We strongly support the principles of reconciliation and train our staff in cultural safety and humility, always making sure to employ culturally appropriate research methodologies in Indigenous community contexts. Our studies follow the principles of OCAP (ownership, control, access, and possession), the Four Rs (respect, relevance, reciprocity, and responsibility), and Chapter 9: Research Involving the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples of Canada, emphasizing Indigenous communities’ roles as full partners in research that affects them.

Our entire research process when working with Indigenous communities is aligned with community values and privileges traditional ways of passing on knowledge, such as storytelling. We focus on making sure that research benefits Indigenous communities according to their specific goals and objectives. Past clients include numerous First Nations, the BC First Nations Health Authority, the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health, the First Nations Land Management Resource Centre, and many other Indigenous groups and organizations.

We are proud of our relationship with indigenous communities. More information on what services we offer will be coming soon.

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