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Providing Reliable Data to Guide the Right Decisions

We at Qatalyst know that decision-makers need to be equipped with reliable, meaningful data about the impacts of interventions in order to make the right choices for their organizations and communities. That’s why we have worked closely with a range of economic actors, including major regional development organizations like Western Economic Diversification, FedDev Ontario, FedNor, CanNor, and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, to gauge the impact of various economic interventions.

Qatalyst is a leading authority in assessing the economic impact of programs, policies, and interventions of all kinds. We understand the ripple effects that interventions can have on a host of interrelated metrics of economic performance, from employment to wages, taxation to total output. Using leading-edge estimation techniques, including input-output models, we carefully measure the direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts generated by an intervention, with a view to providing decision-makers with the most accurate information possible.

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