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We Understand Your Challenges

Over the past two years, we've met with many consultants across Canada who work independently or in small firms. You've told us you really enjoy the independence, flexibility and other benefits that working independently provides. However, you've also highlighted some of the challenges you face.

searching for RFPs

Identifying Opportunities

It's time consuming to track opportunities and make sure you're on the right lists.

struggling to write proposals

Proposal Writing

RFPs are increasingly complex, and proposals take a long time to assemble.

associate competing for a project

Competing for Big Projects

Large firms are better able to demonstrate they have the resources and track record needed to win the big, more complex projects.

consultant searching for teammates

Building Teams

Clients want teams of consultants with specialized skills, not just generalists. It can be hard to find the reliable team members you need to meet the requirements and complete the work.

seeking access to new technology

Accessing Technology

New and useful tools & technologies are being introduced. But they can be very costly and difficult to implement.

an indirect route

Performing Side Tasks

You spend more time than you'd like on basic research and project administration and not enough on areas where you really add value.

How We Can Help You

We have developed an extensive online portal, known as the Qatalyst Platform, through which we work with our associates and encourage collaboration. Through the Platform, you will have an opportunity to:

a microscope for research

Promote Services

When you join the Platform, you will develop a profile that details your experience and interests. We use these profiles to match opportunities to you. You can also make sections of your profile visible to other associates, who may then contact you directly about opportunities.

a signed contract

Find Associates

You can search the profiles of other associates to find those with the skillsets you need for your project. You can develop a shortlist of prospects and directly contact those of interest to you.

hands interlocked representing teamwork

Share Opportunities

The Qatalyst Platform contains a job board where you can post project-related, temporary, or permanent jobs and apply for jobs posted by others.

a complex project

Access RFPs

We scour online bid posting sites to identify RFPs of greatest interest to our team and associates. We post the results on a searchable board. By defining your interests, you can be fed RFPs that are most relevant to you. You can also develop shortlists and express interest in specific projects.

an arrow hitting its target

Collaborate on Proposals

The proposal management system enables the team to coordinate activities, assign tasks, monitor timelines, and share files. To facilitate development, we have a proposal writing team and digitized much of the process. We prepare proposals under our brand and the brands of our associates.

an arrow hitting its target

Collaborate on Projects

Our project management system enables the team to coordinate activities, allocate tasks, monitor timelines and share files. When working on our projects, you can use the Platform to track time as well as generate and submit invoices. You have access to a Dashboard where you can keep track of your proposals, projects, contracts, invoices and expenses, and upcoming tasks.

an arrow hitting its target

Access Services

We can support you with a wide range of research services, delivered quickly and cost-effectively. We have upgraded our capabilities in areas ranging from project management, surveying, and visualization to text, social media, big data and predictive analytics.

an arrow hitting its target

Joint Market

The Qatalyst Platform proactively promotes our services to potential clients. We regularly work with close associates in promoting packaged services to specific markets. We would be happy to discuss the potential to undertake joint marketing with you.

an arrow hitting its target

Build with Us

The Platform is continually improving we work to build more features and functionality. By joining with us, you have the opportunity to influence further development in a way that will better meet your needs.

How Does It Work?


You Apply

Provide us with your contact information and an overview of your work experience.


Complete Your Profile

If you're a good fit, we will invite you to register for the Platform and complete your profile.


Access the Platform

The Platform will give you access to a large range of RFPs, projects, and other associates.


Pursue Work

You'll be able to view RFPs and job postings, participate in the development of proposals, and get in touch with other associates.


Manage Your Projects

Using the Platform, you can track the progress of your projects, assign tasks to teammates, and log your time.

Why Join?

Our associates are experienced consultants, evaluators, senior managers, and others with specialized skills and expertise relevant to clients. By joining Qatalyst, you will continue to enjoy the benefits and lifestyle that comes with working independently while gaining access to benefits that come with working with a large consulting firm.

Some associates look at Qatalyst as simply an additional source of work. However, most are drawn by opportunities to pursue larger projects, access leading-edge tools and resources, get assistance in marketing, proposal development and project implementation, and become a member of the Qatalyst community.

There is no cost to you of becoming a Qatalyst Associate. If you work on one of our projects, we negotiate the fees with you and typically apply a markup when invoicing the client. Where we assist you in obtaining or completing a project, we would negotiate the terms for those services with you.

By joining Qatalyst, you make no commitment to work with us or to be a member of any of our project teams (we’ll first check with you before including you in a proposal or making client referrals). There are no restrictions whatsoever on your ability to pursue work on your own or work with other firms.

A Peek at Our Platform

Job Postings on the Qatalyst Platform

With the Qatalyst Platform, it's easy to browse RFPs and find jobs that are relevant to your experience.

The Associate Directory on the Qatalyst Platform

Find the associates who have the right skills to form the team you need to finish the job.

Your Current Proposals on the Qatalyst Platform

Manage your proposals and projects with ease, and get additional support from our Platform Services.

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