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Our mission is to support meaningful change. We want to make a difference.

Your Needs Are Changing

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Meaningful Results

No longer are you willing to settle for reports that simply summarize findings and provide some recommendations. Today, you expect consulting projects to generate meaningful changes that benefit the organization and its stakeholders, clients and staff.

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Teams of Specialists

You need consultants with specialized skills, not just generalists. But you still prefer an integrated, seamless experience (not having to hire and coordinate the activities of multiple firms).

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You are under increasing pressure from your organization to produce results quickly and less expensively.

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You are no longer interested in just overseeing a project. You want to get involved because you understand research and know your organization.

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Technology can significantly improve how data is collected, analyzed and presented. But these new technologies can be costly and difficult to implement.

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It is easier to make recommendations than to act on them. You want assistance in implementing change, ranging from change management to systems development, coaching, marketing, and on-going evaluation.

This Is How We've Responded

We're taking advantage of emerging technologies to significantly improve how we create project teams, market services, conduct research, manage projects, and facilitate ongoing communication and information sharing between our staff, our clients and our associates.

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Expansive Network of Staff and Associates

Qatalyst has an ever-growing network of associates who complement our experienced in-house team of consultants. This strong network of individuals enables us to quickly build strong, diverse project teams that feature the specific skill sets you need.

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Leading-Edge Technology

We continuously make significant investments in new technology to better serve you. We offer leading-edge capabilities in areas such as project management, surveying, text and social media analytics, big data and predictive analytics, and infographics and visualization. We have fully digitized our operations from the initial identification of opportunities through to obtaining feedback on our services at the end of the project.

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Full Range of Services

We offer a broad range of high quality, innovative services, building on our leading-edge capabilities and the diverse skill sets of our associates. We can assist at all stages along the continuum from needs assessment to strategy development, implementation, and evaluation of the results.

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Ever-Expanding Research Capabilities

We are greatly expanding our research capabilities to deliver a wider range of research services more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. We are establishing Centres of Excellence to ensure that we remain on the leading-edge.

As a result, we can quickly and cost-effectively put together a project team that is tailored to your specific needs and budget. We can then support these consulting teams with leading-edge tools, technologies, project management and research capabilities. Better teams, better systems and better technology mean better results for you.

Our Process


You Make a Request

You provide an outline of your requirements, terms of reference, or a formal request for proposal.


We Select Team Members

We review your request, determine the specific skills and experience needed, and propose a project team tailored to your specific needs.


We Prepare a Proposal

We prepare a formal proposal or quote describing our approach, project team, and budget.


You Accept

If you are in agreement, Qatalyst enters into a contractual agreement with you.


We Collaborate with You

We generally work closely with you in preparing a formal work plan which will guide the assignment.


The Work Is Completed

We actively manage the assignment, working through our in-house staff and associates in implementing the agreed upon work plan and tracking the progress made.

Our Services

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Program Evaluation

We provide a full spectrum of program evaluation services from evaluability assessments and the preparation of evaluation frameworks to the implementation of process and summative evaluations.

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Performance Measurement

We have extensive experience in helping our clients to develop and implement performance measurement frameworks.

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Program Design

Our program designs can be implemented easily and effectively by program staff. We undertake surveys of the target groups to assess the types of programs that should be implemented.

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Our Clients

Alberta Innovates BC Hydro Government of BC First Nation Health Authority Government of Canada LABRC Government of North West Territories Microsoft Mosaic Telus UBC

We have been providing management consulting services to clients in the government, public, non-profit and private sectors across Canada for more than 30 years.

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Featured Projects

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Summative Evaluation of the Industrial Research & Development Internship Program

The Industrial Research and Development Internship (IRDI) program creates private sector internship opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

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Federal Support for Family Justice

Through Budget 2017, the Department of Justice Canada continued its support of the family justice system. This evaluation addressed questions specific to family law and its overall program delivery and operations.

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Evaluation of the Communicable Disease Control and Management Programs

The purpose of the evaluation was to examine the relevance and effectiveness of the Communicable Disease Control and Management (CDCM) Program.

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